The Breadery takes you through the farms and fields of Colorado in each bite. We take pride in supporting our local farmers, ranchers, and community.



The Breadery is a baking concept that focuses on simplicity, where the ingredients speak for themselves and we are re-connected with our ancient baking concepts. We are committed to the legacy of scratch baking, with an emphasis on artisan bread, pastry, and cakes. We are focused on the experience of our customer —hoping that our products bring nostalgic joy using high-quality ingredients and attention to detail with the baking process. Through our love of baking and feeding people, we want to carb-load as many humans as possible!



In May 2018, a new bread-centered menu concept was born at the Sunflower Communal Kitchen. The Breadery has its roots in brunch, where bread was the star. Working in a tiny shared co-op space and only being able to bake 8 loaves at a time, Sunflower Bakery & Brunch quickly established a solid local following and a reputation for crackley, simple, but complex sourdough. In May 2019, Sunflower Bakery & Brunch left the co-op and moved into the Off Elk Bakery building to begin its new journey as The Breadery.